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Elephant riding, Luang Prabang, Laos

Riding our elephants on the way to bathe them in the river!

Overall score (Dan) = A
Overall score (Jocelyn) = A

Total days = 8 nights, 9 days
Total cost = $740
Cost per day = $82/day
Flight costs = Took flight from Hanoi to Vientiane ($175/each)
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Cu Chi Vietcong Tunnels

July 26, 2013 — 1 Comment

Here’s a quick look at the Vietcong tunnels outside of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam.  They were incredibly advanced and stretched out hundreds of kilometers with multiple underground levels ranging from a few meters up to 15 meters deep.

Entrance to Cu Chi tunnels outside of Saigon

Entrance to Cu Chi tunnels outside of Saigon


Tour guide shows us the underground bunkers with the small holes where they shot through.

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Check out Jocelyn’s latest video on the temples in Indonesia. Read our full experience and see the rest of the pictures here.

Overall score (Dan) = B+
Overall score (Jocelyn) = A-

Total days = 15 nights, 16 days
Total cost = $1,672
Cost per day = $105/day
Flight costs = Took the bus from Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Cities visited = Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hanoi, Sapa, Ha Long Bay

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If you get a chance, check out my guest post on my wife’s blog (Revealing World) on our scary encounter with a gate agent! Click here to read it

From the post:

As we approached the queue to the airline counter, we waited to see which of the 15 agents we’d receive. There she was, a middle aged woman no different than any of the others we’d previously worked with. She took our passport before uttering the phrase that was now foreign to us – “where is your proof of onward travel?” Just as we’d rehearsed, I pulled out my printed off itinerary and handed it over to her, expecting a quick glance over and then our boarding passes in return.

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