2016: Your Countdown Begins

January 6, 2016 — 2 Comments

Now that we’re in the beginning of a new year, I thought I’d remind you that your countdown has started for 2016. More importantly, your countdown is continuing in life. I’ve known to be a bit morbid at times, but it’s all for good reason…

Because life is short!

We let the years tick by like seconds and sometimes forget our time here is finite. My wife and I visited New Orleans this weekend and it blew our minds that we moved away almost three years ago. It seems like just yesterday we were standing on the St. Charles median watching another Mardi Gras float go by… those were the days.

That's me on the left (pre-beard)

That’s me on the left (pre-beard)

Our Nola friends asked us how life is going now and we’ve settled on the fact that we’re currently in a stable “accumulation” phase because we’re still DINKs (dual income, no kids) and progressing well in our careers. We have good friends here and we’re close to family, but our 10-12 hour work days mean little time for each other or to explore life.

We’re very fortunate to be in the position we’re in, but our minds have been corrupted by the combined forces of New Orleans and traveling the world for ten months. We don’t exactly know what’s next yet, but we’re enabling ourselves to have a “next” as we’re living very intentionally. We’ve almost finished our major home renovation, we’re keeping our spending down and we’re still driving our high-mileage, paid for cars. We’re saving and investing as much as we can.

What about you, what are you doing in 2016?

Are you living intentionally towards a purpose you’ve defined? Are you avoiding the golden handcuffs and staying out of the company store? Your life is incredibly important and you deserve to live it to your standards. You may not be in a position to do that yet, but build a plan to get you there. As always, you can start here if you need help figuring out how to manage your money.

What will you do in 2016? Start that college savings plan for your kids you keep meaning to do? Finally figure out investing and open up a Roth IRA? Or are you further along and want to figure out how you can retire in 10 years (even if you are 30 years old now)?

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions because they so often fail that it’s become socially acceptable just to let them fail. However, I’m a big fan of you living intentionally towards a purpose you’ve created.  You can figure this out.

I’m going to spend more time on writing investing and tax posts the next couple of months, so if you have any specific questions, let me know! Good luck in 2016!

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2 responses to 2016: Your Countdown Begins

  1. Hi Dan – great photo of you. I moved to Sarasota, FL last July. As my nephew asked me one day early last year, “What is your clarity of purpose?” That was like a bell going off. I realized it was to secure my financial future. So I sold my co-op apartment and left expensive (but wonderful) NY for FL. I’m loving it here and achieved my goal. It’s a very good feeling.

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