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My Cage

May 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

Look at my cage, isn’t it grand?
I can nearly see across the entire land.
The sun shines in, and I can see some trees,
But my cage is glassed off, so no worry of bees.

It keeps me dry when it starts to rain;
it’s surely the invention of a really smart brain.
A beautiful spring day does not distract me,
because my cage is a constant seventy three.

If I stay here enough, I get well fed.
I get money for a car, and a really nice bed.
My cage protects me from uncertainties of life,
From scary people, unpredictability or strife.
Within my cage, I’m allowed to be me;
well, at least the me they want me to be.

I could leave whenever I’m ready,
but my productivity must remain steady.
If I want to be at the top in the end,
These rules I must not bend.

Wait, what is it all worth,
this system I was thrown into at birth?
Why would I lead a life so controlled,
for a distant freedom, only when I’m old?

My life worth living is not in a cage,
In fact, within me, I feel some rage.
I own my life, but I am not free;
I’m stuck in this cage, built by me.