$650 credit when buying new iPhone

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Yes, I’m one of those guys. I’m fully bought in on Apple products and too plugged into the “ecosystem” to escape anytime soon. I’m also one of those people who love to save money and shudder at the thought of throwing down $850 on a new phone, or worse yet, signing up for their new phone leasing program with unlimited monthly payments.

But I have to admit, I almost did the lease plan just because I wanted to pretend I wasn’t actually spending that much on a phone… but then…

I found a deal for a $650 credit when buying a new iPhone!!

As always, there’s a catch… and this one comes with a new credit card in your name. I’m largely over my absolute distaste of credit cards which was largely taught by Dave Ramsey, but I still only use them for the benefits and pay them off each month. That said, let’s get to the deal!

Here’s the plan:

  • Sign up for the citi AT&T “access more” credit card
  • Charge $2,000 within three months
  • Buy a new iPhone from AT&T with no contract
  • Maintain service for 15 days
  • Receive your $650 credit!

Here’s the catch:

  • Pay the annual fee of $95
  • Sign up for (or keep) AT&T service for at least 15 days

As long as you satisfy the requirements and play by smart credit card rules, you can get a $650 credit for the $95 fee! After I have the card for 10 months or so, I’ll probably cancel it just so it’s no longer alive. If you don’t have AT&T, you will have to open an account ($45 activation fee) and probably pay two months for phone service (~$90) before you could cancel and keep the phone. You can also get AT&T to unlock the phone… but basically this is the easiest if you already have AT&T.

I got the card today and will start the process shortly to replace my wife’s shattered-faced iPhone 5. I’ll update you after I get through the full process of ordering the new phone, activating, and getting my rebate. If you’re interested, check out this post which gets much more into the details.

You can apply for the card here. If I was smart and ambitious, I’d figure out how to get a commission for clicks, but I’m not, so rest assured I’m only recommending this because I like you.

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