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  1. This could come in very hand from time to time for different things. I’m thinking when our grandkids visit and we would like to give them some spending money. A card is easier to manage and indirectly it could help teach them about money in some small way. BTW: Target has something similar but it’s hooked to your bank account. 🙂

  2. This could be useful in serving as a credit card without it really technically being a credit card. I like the fact that you are not allowed to overdraw. Bank accounts and credit cards have merciless fees for those.

    • I hve been reading things about this bluebird card for like an hour now. I haven’t realy found the answer to the question I would like answered. So if there’s any one who could answer it please do.


      I don’t like banks and I’ve been saving money and I’m getting alil scared caring around cash in my pocket and leaving it in my house in a hiding place is out of the question also!

      • Hi – I haven’t seen anything about money expiring, and I really don’t think they’d be able to let it expire. However, I’ll do some research and see if I can find anything.

      • Yes. You can save your money into your bluebird card worry free. Bluebird doesnt require monthly maintenance fees. So if you have $500 saved in your bluebird card, it will be $500 forever. You’ll get a notification anyway that you have a balance to spend. You can keep track of it.

      • you can deposit and leave money on there without having to worry if your going to be accessed fees …there is no monthly fees so no one can touch your money unless you use your own card and spend it. yourself…

      • it’ll still be there!!
        i left a little chunk in my account for 8 months and not once did it deduct from the money or bother me through email or calls about it

        it is definitely the easiest way to go if you dont want a bank account!

      • Yes, pretty sure it will be, I don’t see a valid reason bluebird would charge a fee, it says no annual fee, you simply pay a fee bucks when you buy the card, a few days later you get a permanent card with your name on it, never missing a blink in between, so short answer No there’s no valid or other wise hidden fee or cost to this card, it’s perfect for any purpose, stacking cash or weekly/monthly bill paying. Teaches financial responsibility with no fear of overdrafts or hidden fee’s, Yeah For Bluebird!! LMOA! Simple as 123! Good spending, oh there is a daily limit on deposit which is 200, but when you first buy the card you can put 500 on it…

      • Yes the money will be there when you decide to use it.

  3. This sounds very interesting–especially the part about not allowing you to overdraw. This could come in very useful to me as I need to learn not to just spend spend on my credit card. I do that too often, and then go through cycles of spend, spend, spend, don’t spend-pay off, don’t spend-pay off. It is a rollercoaster. Maybe this card could help me regulate that roller coaster. 🙂

    • So true – this would be a great strategy to keep you off the roller coaster. I’m really surprised they aren’t doing overdraft fees because that’s how the banks make most of their money!

  4. Not just teaching kids how to spend money but also giving your college student an emergency exit if something were to go bad while they’re miles and miles away. Just add money to their account when they need or deserve it. Love it. Also great for an emergency card for any teen or kid. Just put $50 on the subcard for if they did budget poorly and ran out of gas somewhere they can still fill up without the parent having to leave the house and rescue them.

  5. I have a BlueBird card, and you do need to register your card online and they do ask for your social security #.

    Bluebird is bad in another – it’s a prepaid debit card, but it’s an amex card – so those places that don’t take Amex – and there are a lot of them – won’t take this card.

    • Yes, this is true, there are a few places that don’t accept American Express because there is a fee to the vendor. .. I’ve only had this happen twice, actually one of these may be a reoccurring problem for me because it’s my local electric company which I must pay monthly so I will have to transfer money to another card just to pay, you may want to check around in your local community before you switch to American Express, see who does or doesn’t take this, it may be better depending on your area to go with another prepaid card. Visa is usually good every where!

  6. no offense really but for all of you saying bluebird locked you out of your account, its your own fault. when you apply online if your ss number and birthday do not match it is an automatic lock down, also the starter card is to only be used once. when you make an account there will be a activate button on the side by your username. you click this only AFTER!!!!! you get your personalized card in the mail. it tells you multiple times that if you press activate before you get your personalized card in the mail you will be locked out of your account. prime example of why you should pay attention and read every last detail. Bluebird is great i have had no problems with it. it is a great way to shop online without the fear of someone stealing you debit and credit card number

    • Wow, lol, I’ve never had a problem like this with Bluebird, my BF & I both use it, True, ppl should pay more attention & read everything before you just go pushing buttons, lol !!

      • hi this is my new card first time. and wonder if can use for overdraft if not enough money to pay bill so use the overdraft then next payday will deposit and take care of this overdraft?

    • It’s been very good no problems, My BF & I both use our card’s daily, never been locked out, you get the card & then go to play store & download mobile app you can even prompt your phone to remember your password, so I see no way or reason to be blocked out?! I’m very confused about the above comment & wish I knew more maybe I could help…

  7. BLUEBIRD SUCKS!!! December 17, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    Bluebird card SUCKS!!!! DO NOT EVER GET THIS CARD!! IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!! After depositing $200 on top of the $5 activation fee,you get “the run around” right off. I haven’t even used the card and they locked my card from me for no reason,saying it was a “security issue” so I call the “24 hour” customer service which has NOTHING!! To do with the card at all! It seems its a offshore call center. You get all these foreign people answering calls that WILL NOT HELP YOU!! They will only transfer calls,over and over!! Put you on 15-30 min. Holds. Then transfer you again,ONLY to have the line disconnected after waiting for an hr to OVER 2 hours!!! I have $200 on my card that I CANNOT GET BACK!! It’s been 2 weeks now and I still have no luck!! Spread the word to EVERYONE YOU KNOW that the bluebird cards AT WAL-MART are a COMPLETE SCAM!! I’ve even waited over 5 hrs!! “On hold” and NOTHING!! So please run away and DO NOT GET BLUEBIRD!! You have been warned!! Post this on your Facebook pages and whatever social media is out there! This definitely needs to be known!!

    • Not sure which card you have/had but I didn’t pay an activation fee at all. This in itself mad emergency weary because I simply went to the website put the information and they sent out the card. I was locked out of mine because I put the wrong username when I received my card in the mail. I called, they answered, unlocked and it was activated. I’ve used T even since (almost every day in fact) with no issues at all. Sorry for our luck.

    • Wow, sounds very frustrating! I’ve never had any problem at all with my Bluebird account/card, when exactly did this lock out occur? Was it because your password/username was incorrect or did you try & activate your new card before you got it? I never have had one single issue…Wish I could help!

  8. I lost my card, and am trying to report it and get a replacement card!!! I have called numerous times to the only number they have. It needs your card # or if you don’t have it you press one, after that there is two beeps, then no music no recording , I don’t know if I’m connected or not. I have been on the phone for 23 minutes, 37 minutes and the last time for an hour and a half. I emailed them, no response. I can’t do anything to resolve my problem on their website!! Any advice!!

    • I had the same issue before. And the representative told me that they have high volume of calls since they started. But everything has improved. Try calling again. It’s an easy one.

  9. Hi- I’ve been looking into getting this card but idk because SO many people have said it locks you out of your account so is this a good buy or just some scan ran by another company to take your money?

    • I’m definitely not an expert on this – just did the initial review – but from what it looks like, if you follow the directions you won’t have any problems. It seems people who don’t follow the steps can get locked out pretty easy. In addition, it also seems the customer service is not responsive at all.

      This definitely isn’t a scam and it seems many people like it, but just be aware of some of the issues noted in the comments section here.

      • I definitely agree, I don’t see how this could be called a rip off at all, if you can’t get a ligit bank account then get bluebird it’s the same as having Bank of America SunTrust Region’s Bank Ect, try it out you have nothing to loose, no overdraft fee’s like bank’s, that’s a plus!

    • It’s been very good no problems, My BF & I both use our card’s daily, never been locked out, you get the card & then go to play store & download mobile app you can even prompt your phone to remember your password, so I see no way or reason to be blocked out?! I’m very confused about the above comment & wish I knew more maybe I could help..

  10. Bluebird card S U C K S . Five weeks now I am still trying to get my money back out of the account . I have called the customer service number so many times , I am starting to learn arabic . The kids on the phone don’t know anything . They keep putting me on hold while they go and ask someone what to do . Then they come back and tell me to start the whole process over again . Nothing but circles , and they still have my money .

  11. I’ve had the Bluebird card since August of this year and have not really had any problems with the card/service, except for when I first signed up. I signed up for the card online, (which means I didn’t have to purchase the starter pack) and they sent me an temporary card in the mail instead of the permanent card. Temporary cards do not have the 4 digit security code, so buying online was not possible. The problem was cleared up quickly.

    I refill my card @ Walmart two times a month, and take out the amount of cash I need until the next payday, and use the card for paying bills and emergencies. As of now, my only “problem” with the card is that not as many businesses take American Express as Visa or MasterCard.

    PS: Bluebird does ask for a S.S. #. I use it as confirmation when I deposit money into my account.

  12. Bluebird does allow the account to overdraft. They allowed a payment to go through without any available funds in the account.

    • Did you run it as credit I need to put gas in my car

    • I know this is an older post but can you follow up and give us more detail on your overdraft experience? Did Bluebird charge you some sort of fee for the overdraft? If they let you overdraw, then you are saying they covered your purchase still correct? IDK if Bluebird can be hooked up to a bank (I heard yes then that they changed it) but if so could it have been your bank that let you overdraw? Just would really like a detailed explanation of your experience so I can decide whether or not to get this card. I have been misled about overdraft fees by my credit union after explicitly asking about them, and suffered charges because of it. Canceled my account but don’t want any card that is unclear or deceitful about their charges. Thanks in advance.

  13. Hello, I was just wondering if there is there a way to add funds to a BlueBird Temporary Card or to be able to register the temporary card without a Social Security Number?

    • I’d like to know as well, as some people are saying you don’t need your SSN and others are saying you do. Would like to know if you do as of Sept 2016 and if so has anyone found a work around, (like calling and telling them you don’t want to give it out). I’ve heard some banks even stopped asking for your SSN due to privacy concerns , and I’ve had my identity stolen twice, once by a relative (couldn’t have been prevented) and once by a stranger somehow who stole a lot of people’s (so not really preventable either since I don’t who they are or how they got my info and I use common sense online). But these experiences have made me extra cautions about who I give sensitive info to.

  14. Customer service is great if you have no funds they will give you 40.00 for free as a 1 time curtsy if u have a emergency. And you dont pay it back real cool

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