Dazed at the Wheel

The other day I was driving home from work on a regular Tuesday evening. It was about 6:15pm and I was taking the “back roads” because the Tollway I usually take would’ve been jammed with others like me trying to find the fastest path, but collectively making it even slower. And I say “back roads”…

2016: Your Countdown Begins

Now that we’re in the beginning of a new year, I thought I’d remind you that your countdown has started for 2016. More importantly, your countdown is continuing in life. I’ve known to be a bit morbid at times, but it’s all for good reason… Because life is short! We let the years tick by…

Can you live without a mortgage?

One of the biggest purchases most of us will ever make is a house. It’s become pretty common to take out a 30 year mortgage and to have it our entire life – but did you know almost 1/3rd of Americans live without a mortgage?!

As I’ve discussed before, I think amortized mortgages suck because the majority of payments the first seven years are only applied to interest – meaning we aren’t gaining much traction in home equity which is one of the true values of home ownership.

If your goal is to do something crazy like pay off all of your debt and do what you want with your life, the mortgage is one of the major things you need to battle.

The way I see it, you have a few options if you want to live without a mortgage: