Listen to the Old Ones

We fell victim to a Youtube prank. It started when the television in our camper developed lines in the screen. Okay, you got me, it didn’t develop lines as much as it was damaged when a projectile was errantly launched in its direction. But that’s a different story. As most of our generation does when…

I Want to Build It

The efficiencies of capitalism demands specialization. Adam Smith was one of the first to recognize the power of breaking down work into repeatable steps that can then be improved and perfected. He observed that it allowed a group of people to make tens of thousands of pins per day, versus the hundreds they’d produce if…

Advertising is outsourced thinking

Thinking is hard. It requires attention, focus and… oh look, a new car. Wow, it’s a pretty pearl colored mid-size SUV. Speaking of mid-size SUV, have you noticed all mid-sized SUVs look the same now, whether it’s an Audi, Toyota, BMW or Hyundai?

Oh wait, I was thinking about something else… our lives are complex. There are literally thousands of decisions we make every few hours, with most of them so programmed that we don’t even think about it anymore. I wake up to my alarm clock, get out of bed, hop in the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and head to work*. Within those steps, there are hundreds of little decisions to make. Should I put my socks on my hands or my feet? Should I wear underwear or go commando? Should I drink straight from the milk carton or use a glass?

Luckily for us, there are entire companies to help us do our thinking. They’re called advertisers. They tell us what we need to make us happy, how we should dress to stay trendy, how we need to look to be considered beautiful and much more. Thanks to advertisers, many of our hardest decisions are made for us!