I mustache you a question

A little over three years ago my wife and I set off on our journey around the world. We prepared as much as we could by researching our travel route, avoiding the most dangerous places, and of course, growing a beard so I looked really tough. My previous attempts at growing facial hair ended in…

Don’t keep $250,000 Cash At Your House

Just in case you needed a reason not to keep $250,000 cash at your house, look at what happened to DeSean Jackson.  What a terrible thing to happen to anyone, but it seems dangerous to keep that much cash around! A few days after the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver said he wanted to renegotiate his contract, Jackson’s…

Write a letter to yourself – five year update

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been five years since I originally wrote a letter to myself!  This will probably send me into another round of mild depression where I write poems about how fast time is going like I did here and here.  I guess that means it’s time to write a letter for the next five years, but let’s first review my goals in the last five years.

2009 me:  I’m marrying (my wife) in June and couldn’t be any happier

2014 me:  Smart man, best decision you’ve ever made

2009 me:  Hopefully, you are running a successful business, happily married, financially stable, and living your dreams.