Why I Keep Buying Apple Stock

It’s a scary time in the stock market right now. Oil is plunging, China’s stock market crashes day after day and the rest of the world seems to be going down with it. Famed investor George Soros sees a crisis in the financial markets that echoes 2008 when of course, we had our last major…

The 51 Steps of Becoming an Investor

Investing is a foreign subject for most of us – whether we like to admit it or not. Even though I majored in Finance, it still took me a long time to learn what the whole “investing” thing was all about. Fear not, just like the timeline of an entrepreneur, you can now see where you stand in the progression of investing!! For many of us, it goes something like this:

1. “Dow”, “NASDAQ”, and “stock market” might as well be Latin for as much as you understand them
2. Hear someone on TV talk about the importance of investing
3. Realize you should probably start paying attention
4. Your “friend” the financial advisor offers to meet with you
5. Decline their offer for the fifth time but know you are running out of excuses
6. Google the term “Investing” and 230,000,000 websites pull up offering to help you get started – you learn what “Dow” means
7. Close the webpage because Modern Family is on
8. Parents ask you if you’ve started investing yet, you lie and say yes and explain to them what the “Dow” is

Investing Tiers

How to Start Investing

So, you’re ready to jump into investing and working on your first million…. the only question you might have now is how to start investing! It’s may seem very complicated, but if you start slow, I promise you that it’ll slowly start making sense. The most important factors in your investing success are time and…