The Best Christmas Gift for Kids: Stocks!

The season is upon us when parents threaten their kids with spies who report directly to Santa Claus and children add new toxic plastic molds of superheroes to their mountains of toys. Yes, it’s time for Consumeristmas Christmas!

So why would I – a guy with no kids – be an authority on what to give kids? Because as I discussed last week, I have my own blog so I can spout whatever nonsense I want! But, this nonsense has met the approval of my nieces and nephews parents, and the kids aren’t too horrified by it either. In fact, I think the older ones actually like it.

Instead of adding to their ever growing use-once-and-never-touch-again toy pile, my wife and I have instead opted to start buying them stock. Yes, the stock market stocks. Now, instead of owning a piece of cheap crap the company produces, they can actually own a part of the company peddling junk everyone else!

Your Imagination is Making you Broke

Imagine how great it would be… you have your own personal jet that flies you anywhere you’d like. You can get tickets to the toughest venues, and most of your stress comes from deciding which summer house to visit (Hamptons or Aspen). Imagine… No, WAIT, stop imagining that! It’s our imaginations that are making us…