How Much Did We Spend in Australia?

Australia spending summary

Overall score (Dan) = B-
Overall score (Jocelyn) = B

Total days = 25 nights, 26 days
Total cost = $5,270
Cost per day = $203 / day
Flight costs = $470 for two flights from Christchurch


Our expectations for Australia were surprisingly low after the great time we had in New Zealand because we didn’t see Australia as having the “highlights” around every corner like New Zealand did, and we weren’t convinced the cities would be that much different than anything in the US.

We were only partially right and as we spent four weeks exploring Australia, our sentiments certainly changed. We were correct in the thought that the big cities weren’t that much different than you’d find in the US, but we were highly impressed with everything else that comes with Australia. From the incredible rain forests and the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland near the city of Cairns to the barren and beautiful Outback, Australia’s sites won us over.

As you’ll see in the details, we got very lucky in Melbourne as we stayed 6 free days at my friend’s apartment near the beach – definitely a big money saver. Outside of Melbourne, we spent 6 days in a camper van in the “Red Center” (or the Outback), 3 days in an Air BnB apartment, and then 11 days in another camper van between Cairns and Brisbane.

How Much Did We Spend in New Zealand?

Overall score (Dan) = B
Overall score (Jocelyn) = A-

Total days = 24 nights, 25 days
Total cost = $4,508
Cost per day = $180 / day
Flight costs = $1,100 each, but total ticket also got us to French Polynesia
Areas visited: New Zealand – North and South Island

We were pretty happy with our overall spending in New Zealand, but there were a few things we could’ve done better. As we went along, we realized New Zealand is a pretty expensive place – especially if you plan to see the many incredible sites there. In addition, we drove over 5,300 km (~3,200 miles) over 25 days! The guy who checked in our camper van was rather surprised and thought they might have erred when the wrote down the miles – but we know the truth when we see how much we spent on diesel!

How far does your money go in New Zealand?

How much did we spend in Belize?

I thought it’d be fun to track our spending in each location and give ourselves a score based on the evaluation. Hopefully, it’ll hold us accountable to our spending and it should be fun to see how I score it versus how my wife scores it!

How much did we spend in Belize?*

Overall score (Dan) = D+
Overall score (Jocelyn) = B+

*The grade is what we gave our spending in Belize – not an indicator of how much we liked Belize 🙂