Cu Chi Vietcong Tunnels

July 26, 2013 — 1 Comment

Here’s a quick look at the Vietcong tunnels outside of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam.  They were incredibly advanced and stretched out hundreds of kilometers with multiple underground levels ranging from a few meters up to 15 meters deep.

Entrance to Cu Chi tunnels outside of Saigon

Entrance to Cu Chi tunnels outside of Saigon


Tour guide shows us the underground bunkers with the small holes where they shot through.


The only way to enter into the Cu Chi Vietcong tunnels – it was a very tight squeeze and some in the group couldn’t even fit!


This is where you enter in to


A dark view from inside the Cu Chi tunnels


There were there levels underground connected by the tunnels. We only saw the first (highest) level where they actually had command centers and sleeping bunkers.


One of the nasty traps the Vietcong set up throughout the jungle. Anyone who was unlucky enough to step on the false floor fell onto the spikes.


Some of the artillery lef tover from the war

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