Daily Money Articles

February 7, 2013 — 2 Comments

Below are some of the interesting Finance articles from across the web… I’m thinking of doing this daily but this is just the first test!


The average U.S. household paid an estimated $2,912 for gasoline last year, sucking up nearly 4% of the average household income before taxes (Yahoo Finance)

Millennial investors are more conservative and less trusting of financial advisors than baby-boom and Gen X investors (Yahoo Finance)

Workplace experts predict 2013 offers the best chance for career enhancement in more than five years, especially if you’ve got skills. (Yahoo Finance)

Debt collector horror stories abound: There are threats to dig up the dead relatives of those who couldn’t pay their funeral bills, promises to imprison debtors or take their children into custody — even warnings that pets will be killed. (CNN Money)

Budget-Friendly Tips for a Stocked Pantry (Daily Finance)

Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means (Yahoo Finance)

How to Sell Your Old Stuff on Facebook (Wise Bread Blog)

How I Got Faster, Cheaper Internet Service by Rearranging My Furniture (Money, Life, and More Blog)


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2 responses to Daily Money Articles

  1. I alway love reading your thoughts on money. They practical and down to earth. i always come away with some good tips. 🙂

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