Did you get a Christmas bonus?

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Thanks to Percy for suggesting I should write an article on what to do with a Christmas bonus… it gave me a perfect opportunity to use a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation clip!

Unfortunately, most people have had a Christmas bonus similar to Clark’s this year. It seems most Christmas bonuses have gone the way of the dodo. Just in case you got one, check out my five serious and my five not so serious ways to spend it. Also, I’ve added some awesome Christmas clips below that.

Five (serious) things to do with a Christmas bonus:

1. Pay off credit card debt

2. Start an emergency fund

3. Give to charity

4. Do something nice for someone (pay someone’s grocery bill, restaurant check, etc)

5. Start a Roth IRA


Five (not serious) things to do with a Christmas bonus:

1. Buy all of the $2 movies at Target (ok, this was very tempting)

2. Use as a down payment on your new Lexus present

3. Buy the pet monkey you’ve always wanted

4. Loan it to a family member at a high interest rate

5. Day trade!


Not sure how I found this one… but hopefully you don’t have to resort to this!

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