Finding the Cheapest Airport Transportation

December 5, 2013 — 2 Comments

After traveling for work for ten years and a nine month trip around the world, I’ve collected some strategies for traveling cheaper. I’ll cover them in a ten part series in this order:

A. The flight
– How to Book the Cheapest Flight
– How to Use Free Flight Stopovers
– How to Find Alternatives to Expensive Flights
– Finding the Cheapest Airport Transportation
B. The Hotel / Accommodation
– How to Book Cheapest Hotel Rooms
– How to Find Hotel Alternatives
– How to Use Hotel Points
C. Arriving
– How to Get Local Currency for Your Trip
– Avoid International ATM Fees!
– Know How Much Things Cost

Finding the Cheapest Airport Transportation

One of the first charges you’ll get hit with when traveling to a new place is the cost of transportation from the airport to your hotel.  When we were on normal vacations, we’d chalk this up as the cost of travel.  However, we couldn’t afford to pay these high rates on this trip, so we’ve hit the web to find better ways.

Most airports across the world offer some sort of alternative transportation from the airport to the city center – trains, shuttles, or hotel transfers.  I’d estimate we pay on average 10-20% of the price of a taxi by finding these alternate methods.  They usually take longer to get you to your end destination so keep that in mind.

The quickest way to find an alternative to an expensive taxi is to simply Google “Beijing Airport to City” or even add in your direct location to see what you can find online.  WikiTravel or Lonely Planet forums are usually a dependable source or you can call your hotel to see if they’re aware of a better option.  You have to watch out though, because hotels will generally point you to their taxi or limo service which almost always costs more than a regular taxi.

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2 responses to Finding the Cheapest Airport Transportation

  1. I have been a regular user of hotel shuttles. I plan ahead so I don’t have to be concerned about how much longer they take to get you to your hotel. I also google to check out local mass transit. I used it when I visited Chicago. Much cheaper than a taxi and actually almost as fast.

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