Make Do Roadtrips + Rolling!

October 13, 2016 — 4 Comments

When I last left you, we were stuck in Kentucky with a broken down dog and car in surgery. We were living off the hope that the worst was upon us and soon our luck would start turning around. Well, good news, it did!

Sometimes things become more painful due the anticipation of something else. Was a broken down car and a cut up dog the most difficult thing to ever impact us? Uh no, I’d much rather have it happen to the dog than it happen to me again like when I broke my hand and tore my Achilles tendon within the same month (just kidding, I’ll take the pain instead of you anytime, Lucy). What made it all so much more difficult was the fact that it was blocking us from doing something we were really excited to do! We had been planning the trip for quite a while and just as you start, you have these issues. Like I side in last week’s post though, you just have to roll with them and know good times will come again.

And they did.

Instead of waiting around in Louisville feeling sorry for ourselves, we decided to rent a car and visit friends who we wanted to visit anyway. From Louisville, we planned to head up to Detroit and then back through Cleveland before heading to Niagra Falls and continuing up the northeast. So we decided we’d leave the camper behind, complete a smaller trip, then come back and get the car and Penny Lane when it was ready.

The trip started with a drive up I75 through Ohio and up to Detroit. It was our first time to visit Detroit and we were lucky to have good ambassadors of the city to educate and entertain us. I’m sure you’ve heard all of the bad things about Detroit: boarded up buildings and decaying neighborhoods, crime and a dying city. But have you heard the good things? A city that’s coming back to life thanks to patrons who are deeply in love with. Entrepreneurs revitalizing neighborhoods that were formerly declared dead. A thriving food and arts scene. Picturesque mansions that tell a living history of the city’s former boom days. It reminded me a lot of New Orleans in that it’s a city people are deeply passionate about – for good reasons. It’s easy to set back and slam cities for what’s not going great, but as our good friend and Detroit ambassador, Bill, said, “Remember to say good things about Detroit”.


Some of the sites around Detroit. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures with our friends Bill and Peter!

The next day we made the drive from Detroit to Cleveland. This was a trip to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in 7-9 years. It’s pretty amazing how fast time goes by (of course, I’ll pitch my favorite poem), and it’s easy to let relationships separated by distance and thinned by time slowly slip away. But that’s part of the point to this trip – to take back what’s important in life. To take back our time to spend on building and maintaining relationships. You don’t need to quit your job to do that though, you just need to reach out like we always say we’ll do.


Hanging out with our friends, the Sivaks, in Cleveland

Hanging out with our friends, the Sivaks, in Cleveland



Catching up with the Kosirs in Cleveland

We also got good news during our trip to Cleveland. Our car, which was supposed to be ready on Monday or Tuesday, was actually completed three days early on Friday! It was a pain because we weren’t there, but we headed back on Saturday night and spent Sunday with our incredible hosts in Louisville who got to deal with our drama (gotta love family) before heading out on Monday.

Hanging out with family in Louisville... taking a break from pool painting!

Hanging out with family in Louisville… taking a break from pool painting!

We had an amazing time catching up with friends and seeing places we probably would’ve never visited. It also got our minds off of the minor setbacks we were facing… but we did learn one thing… people wanted to see “Penny Lane” almost as much as they wanted to see us!! So if you’re up next on our friends tour, we’ll be sure to have her in tow.

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4 responses to Make Do Roadtrips + Rolling!

  1. Dan,
    Take a look at argosy odyssey on line. It’s a couple friends of mine who renovated an older airstream and who are doing the same type of trip as ya’ll. You’ll love their camper.

  2. Well, stuff does indeed happen, but it looks like you made lemonade out of lemons. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I hope smooth sailing with fun adventures. 🍷😊

  3. The Blonde Nomad October 15, 2016 at 6:57 am

    Are the pics suppose to be upside down lol great blog post!

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