Mattress Moving

August 25, 2014 — 7 Comments

I’m not sure what’s more hazardous – moving a mattress without properly tying it down or living with a journalist! Well, last week I experienced a dangerous combination of both when we went to purchase a new mattress for our guest bedroom. We were literally going less than a mile and staying under 30 mph, so I wasn’t concerned about tying the mattress down – even though we had tie-downs in the car.

A few blocks into our journey, my wife told me it looked like the mattress was lifting up. I wasn’t too concerned, but I pulled into the far right lane and slowed down a bit.  Well, apparently that wasn’t enough!

“Uh, our mattress is on the street” my wife said in a calm voice that made the improbable seem unlikely.  But oh yes, I looked back in my mirror and saw our mattress on the street with cars swerving around it!  Luckily, no one wrecked into each other or ran over it as we drove around the block to come back and get it.  The mattress made it unscathed, but my reputation may not have!

Mattress Moving

It wasn’t as dangerous as this picture makes it look… Yes, that’s me recovering the mattress.


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7 responses to Mattress Moving

  1. We took a mattress to the compactor a while back, tied it down and everything. The compactor is roughly about 3 miles from our house or so. We made it almost to the driveway when we lost it to the road. Luckily there wasn’t anyone behind us but it was still pretty funny.

  2. Well you are very lucky your mattress came out unscathed. Those things are getting to be super expensive. Your reputation …. well, next time just tie whatever it is down and you won’t have to hear any commentary from the spouse. Hopefully! 🙂

    • Now, Susan, do you think I’ll really learn my lesson about listening to my wife?!? She reminded me quite a few times that she recommended to tie it down 🙂

  3. You just have to laugh… LOL Mattresses can be quite the handful to move. No doubt about it.

    • Yes, our house is a little bigger in Dallas than in New Orleans so we upgraded to a King Size mattress which is even harder to move… but luckily that wasn’t the one we lost 😉

  4. Dan — this made me laugh out loud. My mattress story: years ago my husband and I bought a new mattress from Macy’s that was to be delivered on a Friday afternoon. We had the Salvation Army pick up our old mattress that morning. Then we got a phone call from Macy’s saying our mattress delivery would be delayed two weeks! We had to sleep on the sofa bed for two weeks. Moral of the story: don’t throw away your old mattress until the new one arrives.

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