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Apparently the mega millions lottery is up to $586 Million and could hit $1 Billion by Christmas Eve if no one wins it between now and then.  It’s so weird how the higher lottery amounts get more attention which make more people buy tickets… if only they could somehow manufacture a way for people to win less often.  Oh wait, they did because according to the USA Today`:

“Originally, customers chose five numbers from 1-56 and one number from 1-46. The new structure has customers choosing five numbers from 1-75 and one number from 1-15. The change raised the odds of hitting a winner to 1 in 259 million from 1 in 176 million.”

Oh well, I don’t buy lottery tickets but if you do, then good luck :).  Here’s a Tweet story of what’s happening:

What it really looks like

I’m pretty sure this is a serious question…

He probably shouldn’t be buying lotto tickets

Just wow

I’m with him

You bet!

Go Florida

Who’s going to win?

Good luck

If divine intervention doesn’t work, maybe a giving spirit will!

Should probably think of another business idea


You bet!

He’s a little too serious… gonna have a broken heart

Almost a guarantee!

Buy a ticket, get something free!

Free ticket with purchase!

This just feels dirty

What would you do with the money?

Being smart about it!

I’m voting for him to win

Bailing a friend out of jail, nice!

Poor Turtle the cat

Can we rig this to happen?

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3 responses to MEGA MILLIONS Tweets

  1. The last time we bought a lottery ticket was at least 18 years ago. It was a scratch off and we won 100 bucks. We quit while we were ahead.

    With gambler logic, we should buy a ticket or two because we are on the upslope.

  2. I only buy lottery tickets on a whim. Not because I expect to win. It’s a whim and for fun. I realized long ago that true wealth is built through hard works, careful investing and living below my means. 🙂

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