Dominate Money

Below are links to all of my important posts on money.  If you’re just starting, check out “How to Take Control of Your Money” and work down from there.


Get out of Debt and SaveAll about Investing
How to take control of your money How to Start Investing
How I paid off $50,000 of debt in two years How to Invest Wisely
My Breaking Point, I've HAD IT! How long does it take to save $1 million dollars?
How to use a cash budget Investing for the long term
Budget: how to avoid a financial crash How to Dollar Cost Average Invest
Why we use a credit card + 3 people who shouldn't Rule of 72: How long for money to double
4 reasons to combine finances when married? Are timeshares a good investment?
How much house can you afford? What's your Net Worth?
How much car can you afford? IRA vs 401k
How to transition to a single income family
10 tips to stay in debt forever
12 ways I stay frugal
Savings Accounts and Emergency Funds


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