Poem: The Story of Time

January 1, 2014 — 4 Comments

The start of the new year made me reflective and poetic.. I hope you enjoy!

When he was young he didn’t know Time
It was something that passed with no meaning to him.
When he met Time, he wondered why Time was so slow
Christmas took so long to arrive, birthdays were too far apart.

As he got older, Time was finally on his side
No more need to count down days
No need to live in the past or the future
Time was there for him, so much so that he took Time for granted.

As he aged, he began to learn the importance of Time
Time was a great healer
Time helped him get over broken hearts
However, Time was starting to move faster
Time started to take a toll on his aging parents.

What happened to his friend, Time?
Time was always in such a hurry to continue
Birthdays came and passed, babies aged to teenagers
Time started taking his family members
How could Time betray him?

He felt like it was just yesterday when Time moved too slow
But now Time couldn’t be stopped
Time was counting down his days.
Soon, his Time was gone.

What can we learn from Time?
Time is slow, but Time is fast
Time is your friend, but Time is your enemy
So treasure your Time, because it’s all you have.


The Story of Time - Big Ben

A night shot of Big Ben by Jocelyn

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4 responses to Poem: The Story of Time

  1. Boy howdy. Time is truly our most precious commodity. We don’t really know how much we have, we only know we have it now. 🙂

  2. Time really is what we make of it. That is so clear to me, but I’m still learning how to live more in the present. A poem is a great way to greet the new year.

    • It’s so easy to look forward and backwards instead of living in the moment… maybe I need to buy one of those watches that ticks down how much time you have left in life!

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