Shanghai bathroom talk

April 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

Shanghai is a great city and the longer I’m here the more I appreciate it.  It’s a huge city that’s bursting at the seams with construction and potential.

However, I’ve noticed one big difference between it and ‘first world countries’.  Mainly, bathroom habits.  On the drive from the airport to the office, I saw two men urinating in public… thought it was strange but maybe just a coincidence.  Then I was walking with a coworker at lunch when I saw the unimaginable… a ~3 year old boy squatting and defecating right on the street under the supervision of his apparent grandmother!!  No worries, it was on piece of paper that she wadded up and threw in the bushes.

It made me realize how recent China has come into the ‘modern’ world.  Even in the office I work in they feel compelled to post this sign on the bathroom stall door:

Shanghai bathroom talk

Some might call the pose on the left an ‘upper decker’, but others have a different description of that.  Below is the toilet paper in my room… “Tender, For You From Heart!”  That pretty much wraps it up (pun intended).

Shanghai toilet paper

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