Showering Without Hot Water

August 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

I’ve been somewhat absent from blogging as we’re currently in the middle of a move with a simultaneous renovation.  I even have a post almost complete comparing what the house looked like before and what it looks like now.  However, we’re still in serious renovation and move in mode so the post is still in progress.

In fact, it’s so bad that we’re reverting back to our time traveling the globe!  When we turned on the gas to our house when we finally moved in last week, it smelled like the whole neighborhood was filling with gas!  The gas was turned off the last six weeks while the renovations were ongoing so we didn’t really notice.

So, now we’re stuck living in a house without gas.  It doesn’t affect our cooking too much because our kitchen is still gutted, but it does affect our hot water!  We’ve been without hot water for a few days already, and we have a few days to go.

That leaves a few options – most we used while traveling – cold showers, creative showers, or no showers at all!  Cold showers really aren’t fun so after we took a couple we knew it had to change.  It reminded us mostly of our time in Nepal when we were backpacking through the Himalayan foothills and hot water was hard to find.  No showers happened occasionally while traveling, but as we’re both working now it wasn’t a good option.

Lastly, we had previously learned to creative shower while driving our shower-less camper van through the outback in Australia.  The best way to get hot water then was to heat it up on the kettle over the gas stove and pour it over ourselves – either in the camper van or somewhere on the side of the highway on the outback!  But how could we do that at home?  The first thought was to buy a camping hot water heater – which totally made me miss traveling when I was looking at them online!

Zodi Instant Hot Shower1

One option was to use a camping hot water system

There were quite a few limitations with the system as we’d have to go outside and turn it on, let it heat up, and then hope it all works out.  It was also pretty expensive ($125 or so) just to get warm water for a few days.  Then, Jocelyn came up with an ingenious idea… heat up water with our coffee maker!  That’s our life now, turn on the coffee maker a few minutes before we shower, pour the hot water in a bucket and cool it down with tap water, and then dip a cup and rinse!  Oh well, soon we’ll move back to normal and forget all about our fun times.

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