My Stylist Nearly Tysoned Me

March 26, 2014 — 4 Comments

I got my haircut on Sunday as my hairdo was starting to get a bit unkempt, and also because gray hairs are more easily seen with longer hair.  It was a haircut just as I’ve had the last couple of years, and even with the same person, but this time she decided to cut off a little more than just my hair.

That’s right, my stylist nearly Mike Tysoned me – you know, the same Mike Tyson who bit a chunk out of Evander Holyfield’s ear?!  Ok, so it wasn’t so bad that an equivalent bite would require a “spit” to clear the mouth of said flesh, but it was enough to make me squeamish every time the scissors approached my ears again.

It made it a little better that I didn’t have to pay for the haircut.  Did I have to threaten suit against my stylist?  Did I have to call her manager over to have a word with her before informing them I wouldn’t pay?  No, I just had to continue my husbandly duties just as I have the past five years.  Oh yeah, just in case you didn’t know, my wife cuts my hair!

My Stylist Nearly Tysoned ME

I was a few snips away from a healthy mullet in Malaysia..

My wife cutting my hair is one of at least 12 ways I stay frugal. It’s a mindset we keep even though we have enough money to pay for haircuts.  It’s a decision that when combined with hundreds of other decisions every year allow us to do things like pay for cars with cash.

Also, I enjoy our haircut time because it’s time I would otherwise spend waiting in line, fielding awkward questions and conversations with a stylist who agrees to the same interactions because we’re simply stuck together while she works awkwardly close to my most important communicative tools.  So yes, I’d rather hang out with my wife instead!

She’s cut my hair for at least two years, so based on the estimate that I’d get a haircut every five weeks at $20 per cut, we’ve saved at least $400, and a lot of wasted time at the hair cut place.  Well, that estimate might be somewhat off because during our trip I decided to see what my hair would look longer, but she assured me that “80s porn star” hair was no longer in.  So just as we did in the US, she cut my hair around the world too.

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4 responses to My Stylist Nearly Tysoned Me

  1. Dan, I had a friend cut my hair — once. Disaster. I’ve been very loyal to my hairdressers but after many years with Monique, the price kept going up so I decided to switch to a lower-priced salon. Surprised at how emotional that decision can be. Then I was with my next hairdresser for years and the price kept going up and she moved to another salon that was too far away. In checking with friends I discovered a salon one block from my home (been there all along) that charged even less than my last hairdresser and I love her work. Less money, less time wasted. A good lesson that you can usually find what you want at a lesser price.

  2. Yikes, that would make me squeamish too. But you survived to see another day. I think we all have had our fair share of bad haircuts or experiences at the hairdresser. The good news is hair does grow back.

  3. My mother cuts my hair, she has probably for the past 20 or so years. Although I am not sure what I will do when the time comes that I need to find someone else.

  4. It’s a bit easier for guys to get away with having others cut their hair then women 😉 My mom’s semi-beautician friend used to cut my hair growing up. I looked like Joe Dirt from first through eighth grade. I even have a picture on my blog that proves it. She knew one haircut. Period.

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