Susan Cooper – Overcoming Challenges

February 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

February 6, 2012

On the surface, Susan Cooper seems like a person who has faced minimal challenges as she leaped her way up the corporate ladder. Her resume contains a laundry list of executive positions many of us hope for – Vice President, Regional Sales Director, and General Manager.

She’s a proven commodity in the leadership and sales fields. She’s learned her limits are only the ones she places on herself. However, it hasn’t Finding Our Way Now - Susan Cooperalways been that way. Since she was a child, Susan has struggled with dyslexia and has had to cope with a mind that is deceived by the puzzle on the paper. For many who struggle with dyslexia, they’re trapped in an endless maze of hopelessness and frustration.

Susan has done her best to deal with it and has never used it as an excuse. In fact, she’s tried her best to hide it from others because she knows what can happen if she doesn’t. Susan mentioned that a dyslexic child is never treated as a smart child because not many people have the patience to understand them. She used her challenge as a motivator for succeeding in life – and succeed she did.

It was a monumental task for her to climb her way to the top; a task that was aided by assistants checking her written word for errors that could have given her away. She developed a strong network of respected colleagues who admire her for what she’s accomplished.

Now, she wants to walk away from it.

What?! Why would you walk away from something you’ve worked so hard for?!

My only theory is that Susan has built a phenomenal amount of courage over the years, and she’s confident she can take on a new challenge and succeed. She’s left her former co-workers confused at her reasoning for stepping off the corporate ladder.

It’s this courage that helped her fight another difficult challenge that forced her to take her first step – she was recently laid off. Her experience and large price tag prevented employers from pursuing her prowess. This made her question if she even wanted to do this work anymore.

Finding Our Way Now - Susan Cooper1

Her mind was already made up – No.

Susan is rediscovering her love for life, which she had previously abandoned. Her artwork has entered a new spring and her love for it has blossomed as she’s renewed her quest for pursuing her passions. She does some incredible things with her iPad – which includes the two drawings on this page!

She’s even doing something else she thought she’d never be able to do – blog. How could a dyslexic person write a blog? The disconnect from what the mind thinks to what the hand writes must be incredibly challenging. Oh wait, we already know Susan can overcome challenges.

Susan has been in the blogging business for quite a few months, but now she’s taking it to a new level. She just launched her new site – Finding Our Way Now – and will use it to help others find their way in life. She’ll write articles to help you find your way and overcome obstacles we’ll all inevitably face. She’s also coaching women on how to succeed in the business world.

Susan was a very successful executive.

How does Susan describe herself now? Let’s ask her:

“I would have to say I am me, Susan Cooper. The artist, writer, businessperson, out of the box thinker, motivator, teacher, and adventurer. I am a person who looks at each day as a new adventure with the anticipation of what each tomorrow will bring.”

Check out Susan’s new website at:


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