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Breaking from the Script?

September 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

The first time I saw the new Audi commercial, I knew it should be the new identity of my site. No more following the same path as everyone else… no more making bad money decisions that keep you chained to your job. Breaking from the script – I’m all in!

Oh wait, they’re telling us the way to break from the script is to buy a brand new Audi (starting at $32,500)? Come on Audi, we’re smarter than that.

The real way to break from the script is to buy a car you can afford by keeping it under 20% of your annual income. If you spend more than that, your chances of breaking from the script will decrease dramatically.

For some more fun, read the comments in the “How much car you can afford” post… it’s up over 100 and interesting to see how people agree and disagree with the rule.