How Much Did We Spend in New Zealand?

Overall score (Dan) = B
Overall score (Jocelyn) = A-

Total days = 24 nights, 25 days
Total cost = $4,508
Cost per day = $180 / day
Flight costs = $1,100 each, but total ticket also got us to French Polynesia
Areas visited: New Zealand – North and South Island

We were pretty happy with our overall spending in New Zealand, but there were a few things we could’ve done better. As we went along, we realized New Zealand is a pretty expensive place – especially if you plan to see the many incredible sites there. In addition, we drove over 5,300 km (~3,200 miles) over 25 days! The guy who checked in our camper van was rather surprised and thought they might have erred when the wrote down the miles – but we know the truth when we see how much we spent on diesel!

How far does your money go in New Zealand?