How Much Did We Spend in Israel?

Overall score (Dan) = A
Overall score (Jocelyn) = A
Total days = 10 nights, 11 days
Total cost = $1,667
Cost per day = $152 / day
Flight costs = $702 one-way from Istanbul
Cities visited: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Eilot, Northern road trip, and adding in Petra, Jordan


If there was a ranking of countries by the most interesting things to see per square kilometer, Israel must sit at the top of the list. It’s the birthplace of monotheistic religions and although it’d be nice to call it a cultural melting pot, there are many forces at work discouraging an assimilation among its inhabitants. This contributes to it being one of the most complex countries we’ve visited yet.

In the grand scheme of things, I was pretty ignorant of what was happening in Israel aside from the quick soundbites I’d regularly hear on the news – things like illegal settlements, suicide bombers and border disputes. However, there’s no way I’d fully understand it if we didn’t visit, but now that I know more, I’m not sure their issues will ever be settled. The Palestinians and the rest of the middle east will never accept the Bible’s granting of the land to the Jewish religion, and the Israelis will continue to turn a blind eye to the prisons they’re building around the Palestinians in the name of protection.