If you’re feeling helpless, help someone

I was stuck somewhere between a crow and a lizard when I was finally able to focus on something besides the extreme pain that was beginning to set in. My mind was shaking almost as much as my legs as I tried to rationalize why I seemed to be the weakest one in a room full of all types (and sizes) of women. I tried my hardest to keep a mental and physical grip on the mat as my hands started to slide out, fighting the sweat.

If you saw my Facebook post last week, you know I was headed to a Yoga class on Friday evening with my wife. It turns out it wasn’t for beginners. I should’ve realized it was going to be tough when the middle-aged woman behind us was doing an unassisted headstand as easily as I was sitting!

In the middle of the class, I was distracted by a song that came on between chants. The most memorable line, “If you’re feeling helpless, help someone.” If you’re feeling helpless, help someone.