What’s your BREAK FREE story?

When many people hear the term “BREAK FREE”, their mind instantly goes to the person who quits their job because their boss was hassling them, so they can then proceed to sell all of their stuff and move to Mexico to sip Mai Tai’s and teach surfing to South American bombshells… just what you were thinking, huh?  In reality – this is the guy they’d actually be teaching…

While some people have that as their goal, most of us will have a much mellower picture.  It could be to retire early, have one spouse quit their job so they can stay home with the kids, or simply becoming debt free.

I’ll talk about our BREAK FREE story next week, but let’s talk about your’s this week.  What do you want more than anything that’ll cause you to intensely focus on a goal and make sacrifices to help you get their faster?  Do you feel like you can fully pursue the mission you’re meant to pursue?