The Glitz and Glam of Shanghai

April 13, 2012 — 2 Comments

Shanghai is a city full of haves and have nots… I’m sure it parallels most of the big cities in China (and the world for that matter).  The blue collar workers are stuck in labor jobs that are not advanced by the quickly growing and changing economy; while the white collar workers are riding the wave of prosperity.

To fulfill the needs of the haves, there are many high-end shopping districts within the city of Shanghai that include the most expensive stores you’d find in any city.  We visited Nanjing and stumbled upon a street full of Ferraris.

Street full of Ferarris

This is me getting into my Ferarri.  Rrrightt!!!!!!!!

Getting into my Ferarri

There are also many jewelry stores that specialize in China’s gems and precious metals including pearl, jade, and gold.

Shanghai jewelry store

This is another view of the shopping district

Shanghai shopping district

Shanghai also has one of the largest Apple stores in the world

Shanghai Apple store

Our offices are near the high-tech region in Shanghai called Pudong.  It’s a fairly new area of Shanghai with nice office complexes and neighborhoods filled with expats.  One of the neighborhoods is even named “Beverly Hills” – well done Shanghai 🙂

Shanghai nice houses


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2 responses to The Glitz and Glam of Shanghai

  1. Bring me back a Ferrari while you’re at it. LOL

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