Walmart’s “Gold Monday” Explained

December 16, 2013 — 3 Comments

Walmart Gold Monday

It doesn’t seem like anyone really knows what it is, but Walmart has officially named today “Gold Monday”.  I understand people get excited when you give a day a special name, but come on Walmart, do we really need to squeeze in a Gold Monday between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas?  Can we get past the point where giving a day a new name is considered good marketing??

Since it’s not real clear what Gold Monday really means, I’m going to take a shot at explaining it along with some clever family members.  What’s the “Gold” in gold Monday?

1.  Gold Digger Monday = The day when Walmart brings in millionaire philanthropists and hooks them up with regular shoppers.

2.  Gold Monday = The day after Silver Sunday

3.  Gold Monday = The day Walmart makes so much money that they cover Bentonville, AR in gold dust

4.  Gold Monday = The day the Waltons celebrate early Christmas by exchanging gold coated products from Walmart

5.  Gold Monday = The day Walmart sends a golden Trojan Horse to China full of American jobs

6.  Gold Monday = The day Walmart gives fake gold trophies to the small stores they ran out of business that year

Do you have any idea what Gold Monday means?  If so, please add it in the comments!

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3 responses to Walmart’s “Gold Monday” Explained

  1. Gold Monday: because the hype of black friday just isn’t enough.

  2. Nope, I have no idea. Gold Monday?… Really? It makes no since to me. . I am not a big fan of Walmart.

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