Which Country is the Smartest?

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Which country is the smartest

Have you ever wondered which countries in the world are the smartest?  Well, I know some really dumb people who went to college, but comparing by college degree attainment is one way to rate them!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 40% of the adult population in the US are college graduates.

I was actually surprised because I didn’t realize that many people graduated from college!  When compared to the rest of the world, we are fourth behind Canada, New Zealand, and Japan.

Canada, eh?  Canada has managed to jump way ahead of the rest of the world in degree attainment at roughly 48%.  This can probably be attributed to socialized healthcare and the cold, which prevents people from going outside as much.   Trust me, I have a minor in Economics.

Another interesting part is the US has a degree attainment rate of over 5% above most European countries.  I figured the Scandinavian countries would be higher than they are, and I bet the UK isn’t happy to be at the same level as Ireland.

I thought Japan was a lot smarter than us as a whole as well, but their degree attainment isn’t that much higher.  I was surprised to see Korea so high, but I suppose the “Republic” of Korea doesn’t include North Korea.

Just in case you were wondering how much a college degree is worth in the United States, check out my previous article where I dig through the numbers.  Basically, it is worth it to go to college if you can avoid major debt.

There you have it… now you can amaze your friends with this new knowledge!


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