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Corporate Dan

Corporate Dan

Corporate Dan has found much success in the High Tech Industry. He started consulting while at Accenture and more recently managed a large global organization at Hewlett Packard, before leaving for the Airstream trip.

Explorer Dan

Explorer Dan

Explorer Dan and his wife spent 2013 circumnavigating the globe, visiting 5 continents and 25 countries in ten months. In 2016-17, they spent a year touring North America with pup, Lucy in their renovated 1966 Airstream.

My wife, dog and I have spent the last ten years in a debt free era (besides a mortgage). My full story on debt and the subsequent payoffs are below and they help explain where we stand today.

We’ve had great jobs over the last ten years, even though we’ve spent time in and out of our jobs. After moving to New Orleans in 2009 with my wife’s new contract, we purchased a house and a perfect area and cash flowed the renovation. When her contract was up, we sold the house and went on a world trip with the profit.

After our trip, I came back to my job in the high tech world and was promptly promoted to a Manager, eventually over a 60 person global organization. My wife also got a great job and we moved to Dallas. We lasted two years before the adventure bug bit again.

We quit, renovated an Airstream and spent a year driving the Great American Road Trip.

While we work hard, save and invest, we also believe in playing hard. Our goal is to explore while we’re young and have a great combination of career and life.

The previous era Dan was a real idiot. I was a debter who screwed up and went $50,000 in debt following the standard path most of us are taught. College debt, credit card debt and a new car.

Even though I was a Finance major in college, I still didn’t take advantage of my money knowledge to get ahead. In reality, even when studying the subject in school, we aren’t given the real money knowledge we need to succeed.

Two years after I graduated from school with my great job at Accenture, I reached my breaking point when I realized I wasn’t in control of my life; I was heavily in debt and unfulfilled in work. I had to fight my way out of it, and I learned a lot along the way.



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Disclosure time. The blogs and articles on this page are based on my research and personal opinion. I am not a certified financial advisor and I am not at fault for anything bad that might happen as a result of your following the advice on this blog. However, hopefully only good things will happen anyway!


  1. Hi Dan,

    I was browsing on my phone and checking my linkedin before bedtime and I ran across your articles. I kept reading and reading, and I landed here. Good story about your background. Made me think about my family and parents…best parents in the world.

    We have something in common “I plan on reaching ‘millionaire status’ and am exploring ways to get there faster by making money doing what I love.”
    I also plan to be a millionaire and retire by 35. I will travel the world after that and let my money make more money for me. 🙂

    Good luck!
    Tuyet Phamtastic

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